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Together with our partners, we believe in cooperation, we love technology and we are enthusiasts in handling complex technical challenges.  With our skills, expertise, working method and network of many professionals, we are confident in finding and implementing the right solutions for your business.

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  • Azure Infrastructure Management – We can help you setup and manage your desired Azure Infrastructure for your organization or software service solutions for your business.

  • DevOps & Continuous Integration – Software development processes integrated with continuous integration and automation with DevOps and Azure Services.

  • Solutions Architect – Support in implementing complex and distributed software and infrastructure solutions for your business needs.

  • Managed Development Outsourcing – Do you need skilled professionals in software development? We can help you setup and manage a remote team of professionals that fit the required skillset for your projects.

  • Microservices – We believe in Microservice architectures and can provide you solutions in setting up efficient, scalable and distributed services for your business.

  • Angular & .NET – We are mainly .NET Framework & .NET Core oriented for our backend and services solutions. For our scalable and responsive front-end solutions we are mainly developing with Angular.


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